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2018 5-Step Lawn Fertilizer Program

Download Fertilizer Program

A step-by-step guide to the healthiest, greenest version of the your lawn.

Grass Seed

Download Grass Seed Guide

Grass Seed list and Planting Guide

Lawn Diseases

Download Lawn Disease Guide

 Dealing with fungal and bacterial diseases in lawns

Lawn Pests

Download Lawn Pest Guide Here

 Grubs, insects, and rodents all love lawns. Break the cycle now.

Lawn Mowing

Download Lawn Mowing Guide

How short should you mow, and how often should you do it?  The answer is more specific than you think.


Download Lawn Watering Guide

The secrets and not-so-secrets of keeping a lawn happy, healthy, and green, even through the hottest and driest of the summer months.

Water Conservation

Download Water Conservation Guide

To be read in conjunction with "Watering your Lawn", with additional resources to help save even more water and be more resource-savvy.

Lawn Weeds, Thatch, and Aeration

Download Lawn Weeds, Thatch, and Aeration Guide

The best ways to get weeds under control, remove dead thatch (and where it actually comes from), and when the best time to aerate your lawn will be.

Handling Bare Root Plants

Download Bare Root Guide

Bare-root fruit trees, berries, and shade trees are arguably the best way to start growing plants. Lean the ins and outs of this little-known secret.

Download Blueberry Guide

Challenging (in our Intermountain West soils, at least) and extremely rewarding, blueberries are a favorite garden project of many. Learn to grow your own, even in adverse conditions.


Download Grapes Guide

The classic, "Congrats, you are a gardener!" fruit is easier to grow than you think. Learn how in this easy step-by-step guide.

Pruning Fruit Trees

Download Fruit Tree Pruning Guide

 Step-by-step directions for making the most daunting spring yardwork task a breeze that yields some of the best harvests possible.


Download Raspberry Guide Here

 The jewel fruit of Northern Utah, raspberries need specific care and maintenence for optimal production. Learn all the secrets to a successful raspberry patch in one simple sheet.


Download Strawberry Guide

 Strawberries are a fun, easy-to-grow fruit for even the most amateur gardener.

 Garlic is a simple crop to grow with wonderful health benefits.

Planting, care, and harvesting of Asparagus.

Total Vegetable Guide

Download our Total Vegetable Guide

 Information on every vegetable we sell, and more.  

Gardening with Kids

Download Gardening with Kids Guide

 Gardening can be fun and educational for all ages! Get some ideas and read more about the benefits with this handy guide.    

Growing Giant Pumpkins

Download Giant Pumpkin Growing Guide

  Grow state-fair worthy whoppers with this step-by-step guide.  

Indoor Seed Starting

Download Seed Starting Guide

   Some of the best vegetables take more time then we have naturally, so starting them indoors when there is still snow on the ground outside is the best way to succeed.  

Seed List and Planting Guide

Download this year's Seed List and Planting Guide

 The most recent seed list and planting guide from garden master Mark Anderson.  

Growing Awesome Tomatoes

Download Tomato Guide

 The consummate garden vegetable, tomatoes are as loved as they are temperamental. Get ahead of seasonal issues with this handy guide.

Tomato Varieties

Download Tomato Variety Guide

 With possibly the biggest range of difference between varieties than any other vegetable, tomatoes can appeal to the widest audience possible. Find your favorites today!  


Download our Garlic Guide

Garlic is a simple crop to grow with wonderful health benefits.


Flower Seed List and Planting Guide

Download the Flower Seed List and Planting Guide Here

 Contains all the flower seed varieties we have and the best planting information for each one to ensure your seeds succeed!


Download Amaryllis Guide

Growing Amaryllis is a great way to brighten up a home and chase away wintertime blues.

Annual Flower Feeding

Download Annual Flower Feeding Guide Here

 Grow the flowers that will make the whole neighborhood jealous!


Download Roses Guide

How to get the most brilliant roses on the block, when to prune and mulch them, and what to watch for to keep them healthy.

Shade-Loving Plants

Download Shade Plants Guide

 Most plants love sun, but there are many that don't Check out this guide for ideas on ow to grow a beautiful flower bed with minimal sunlight.

Tuberous Begonias

Download Tuberous Begonia Guide

 Growing, propagating, and preserving tuberous begonias for beautiful gardens and planters year after year.


Download Xeriscape Guide Here

 Xeriscaping is so much more than rocks and cacti.