Normally there’s not too much excitement going on at the store during January – aside from the Spring Cleaning going on, the garden classes start up, and the new seeds for the year start arriving.  It’s a slow time of year, and all we really do is clean up from Christmas, do some painting, clean carpets, and reset the store for Spring.  Personally I’d rather just go skiing and hope that Spring arrives at the store without my personal attention, but it has yet to happen.  This year was dramatically different than usual.

In January I’m always off travelling to various showrooms to buy Christmas merchandise for the next holiday season, which is a very difficult job.  It wears out both mind and body.  Most people think it sounds like fun, but in reality, after shopping for 3-4 days of straight Holiday décor, you need a week off just to recuperate.  When my flight from Florida (working a new import showroom) to Dallas (Holiday Expo 2018) landed and I turned on my phone, the texts, voice messages and photos nearly overwhelmed it.  It just kept buzzing.  Employees, First Responders, family, and friends had all informed me of the “exciting” development at the store.


It’s not really the message that I was expecting when we landed, but tried not to over-react with a plane full of travelers and just tried to get as much info as possible by text.  Fortunately no one was hurt.  I’m grateful that it was our building instead of our neighbor, Great Harvest, who had a bakery full of students and customers for lunch.  Ronnette was still here in Logan, so she immediately called our insurance & brought in the cavalry.  Our contractor, Ray Larsen, dropped everything to come and help clean up, and get the storefront secured before it got too dark.


We’ve been overwhelmed with the kind thoughts and sentiments shown to us by hundreds of well-wishers, customers and friends who have checked in on us to make sure we are all ok.  Thanks to everyone who helped get it all wrapped up, and everyone who worried about our well being.  Stay tuned to see what we come up with for repairs.  Maybe it will inspire us to make a few changes around the store.  A new drive-up window for online orders?  Additional parking stalls?  Better ventilation for the sales floor?  We’ve heard all the jokes!  Watch in the coming weeks for updates about the ongoing “improvements” at Anderson’s Seed & Garden.