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New Varieties for 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018 2:49:51 PM America/Denver

Nothing gets me more excited about spring than when the new seeds start arriving. Ok, maybe if the sun is out, and the snow has melted, and we can start planting then I would be even more excited – but new seeds to try is always an eye-opener for me. Experimenting with new seed varieties is just downright fun. These new additions include some fun, colorful mixes, some old favorites that we have added to our selection, and a couple amazing new introductions. All of these new varieties are worth looking into if you want something unique and different from what you have grown in the past. I’d have to say that my new blend of heat tolerant lettuce and the Rainbow beet blend are two of my new favorites. I will be planting the Pepitas Pumpkin for sure – who doesn’t want hull-less pumpkin seeds for an easy roasted snack!?! I anticipate most of these to be available by early February, so be patient, they’re not here quite yet.

Chinese Express Cabbage: Light green, medium head size. Mild, sweet, and tender crispness. Early, full-sized heads are well wrapped and uniform. 65-80 days to maturity from direct seed. Bolt resistant.

Astro Arugula: Medium green leaves, wide at top with a slight cut to the outer edge. Pleasant, nutty flavor that grows stronger as the weather warms. Slow to bolt, but once it flowers, the tiny blooms can be added to salads for a peppery flavor. Germinates quickly and tolerates hot and cold weather.

White Albino Beet: Completely white and fairly smooth roots make for a delicious, sweet, mild taste. Heirloom from Holland. About 55 days to harvest. Ideal for eating fresh, boiling, roasting, pickling, and freezing.

Rainbow Beet Mix: Rainbow blend is a festive mix of colors and flavors. The White Albino Beet, Detroit Dark Red Beet, Burpee Golden Beet all provide a delicious, sweet, mild taste which matches perfectly with the sweet, buttery smooth, striped Chiogga Beet. Kids will love this colorful, flavorful blend!

Pepitas Pumkin: Grown especially for its seeds, the Pepita Pumpkin is a winner for decor as well as for the culinary arts. Pepita means "little squash" in Spanish. It’s unique, un-shelled seeds are found only in select varieties of pumpkins. Pepitas lack their tough, outer shell which makes them delicious and easy to eat. A high yield produces numerous, medium sized (9-12 lbs), orange pumpkins with green stripes at maturity.

Pick a Bushel Cucumber: This ultra-productive variety sets to fruit early while only spreading out about 24 in. This bush plant grows perfect size picklers that offer a sweet, light taste with a firm texture. Excellent for pickling when harvested early. When left of the vine, fruits can get as long as 6 inches. The perfect variety for a patio container.

Mark's Outrageous Heat-Tolerant Lettuce Mix: This incredible, heat tolerant mix contains Outback, Red Sails, Red Romaine, Royal Red, Esmeralda, Summertime, and Simpson Elite lettuce. Each of these varieties can not only be planted and harvested through the summer, but also provide an excellent mix of flavors. A great mix for late planters and lettuce lovers.

Pretty N' Sweet Pepper: Edible ornamental pepper that is sweet and multi-colored. This compact 18 inch plant is a winner for patio containers, providing a beautiful display while still producing a tasty fruit. This variety has been modified to have a much thicker wall and sweeter taste. Sweeter than Sweet Banana or most sweet bell peppers when mature.

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Beat the Winter Blues with Gardening Classes

Saturday, January 6, 2018 4:07:21 PM America/Denver

Sign up now for Mark's "All About Gardening" Classes in January.

Six class sessions (2 hours each) will cover all the essentials to get your garden producing better than ever: Soils, Fertilizers, vegetables, flowers, pruning, watering, basic design, lawns, pests, and so much more.  Mark covers the basics, delves into some advanced garden techniques, busts many common garden myths, and every class you get to participate in a hands-on experiment or two.  Tuition for the class is $40, but if you bring a friend you can get 2 for $60 instead (save $10 per person).  Class will be held every Saturday starting January 27 at 3 pm for 6 weeks.  If demand requires it, Mark will hold a second session (time & date TBD).  Whether you are an experienced gardener or just a beginner, you won't believe how much you can learn and apply in your own garden from Mark's annual class.  Sign up today!

Last year we had 28 attendees that had the opportunity to grow their own tomato starts, perform a soil test, grow and taste both sprouts and microgreens, sample our favorite corn of all time “Optimum”, and get to spend 2 hours each week with Mark.  Who could ask for more?  This year, Mark plans to have even more hands-on experiments as well as a new, updated, more visual presentation (for those students who struggle to stay focused for 2 hours!).  In all the years we’ve held this series of classes, no one, beginner and expert gardener alike, has walked away without learning something new about gardening.

Comments | Posted By Mark Anderson

New Year, New Website

Saturday, January 6, 2018 3:44:03 PM America/Denver

You really wouldn’t believe how long it has taken to get our new website up and running – try 16 months!  In a nutshell it took: months of planning and research, a change in web designers, months of training to do it ourselves, a couple months to build it, an email telling us that our current platform was being cancelled in 6 months, more research to find a new platform host, more months of creation, months of importing and revamping on the new platform, much hair pulling and cursing, and VOILA!  We finally have a new, improved, faster, streamlined website!  Of course, we have spent a week fixing all the quirks and mistakes we missed the first time, and I’m sure we’ll spend a few more weeks discovering more… but at least we have something to show for it now!

                The new website includes many of our favorite features from our old site – the google calendar, all our videos & podcasts, information sheets – and some very nice new features too.  The shopping cart actually works for online orders & in-store pickup, it calculates shipping costs, and retains your customer info for future purchases.  We show up on google maps (how to find us!), the site searches for everything correctly (and can be searched in turn by google and other search engines), and it links up to our Facebook and other social media pages.  And that is just the beginning.  It just takes time.  I never realized how much time is involved in creating and maintaining a web presence.  It’s almost overwhelming.

                Enough about the new website.  2018 has so much to offer – especially from Anderson’s Seed & Garden.  We will host our 3rd Spring Garden Expo on March 3, 2018 and most of our plant and supply vendors will be here to share info on new plants, products, garden methods, pest control, and so much more.  Last year we had 5 different local restaurants sharing some of their best tastes as well.  The end of March we sponsor the Cache Valley Home & Garden show at the Eccles Ice arena.  Of course, we have multiple surprises for April, May, and June (our crazy busy season) and new products and seed varieties galore.  I can hardly wait for Spring to come!

                Believe it or not, we leave next week to go buy Christmas décor for next year.  When we get back, it’s Spring Cleaning time at the store, we’ll reset for Spring displays, and basically it will be time for the Spring Expo.  Not much time to get ready for the new season.

                Hopefully I’ve been able to give you a quick view of what is happening here at Anderson’s and what awesome plans we have for spring and summer.  Winter just goes by so much quicker when there is something to look forward to in the near future.  We seem to constantly look forward to what Spring has to offer.

Comments | Posted By Mark Anderson

Meet the Andersons

Friday, March 10, 2017 12:17:39 PM America/Denver

Started in 1942

Owners - Mark and Ronnette Anderson since


Comments | Posted in About Us By Mark Anderson
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