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2-N-1 Systemic

Six week protection from insect pests and diseases. Use on roses, flowers, and shrubs. Protects entire plant, including new growth. No spraying, mix & pour around base of plant. One quart treats 16 roses or 200 sq. ft. of flowerbed area.
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38 Plus Turf, Termite & Ornamental Insect Spray

The Diazinon®4E replacement product. Controls home invading insects, lawn insects, insects on ornamentals plus trench and fence post termite recommendations.
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55% Malathion Spray

Use on fruits, vegetables and animals as listed on the label.
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Borer, Bagworm, Tent Caterpillar & Leafminer Spray

Kills a variety of insects on vegetables, fruit and citrus, ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers.
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Broad Spectrum Insecticide

For use on lawns, ornamentals, listed garden vegetables, & fruit trees. Provides 4 month control of insects indoors and up to 6 weeks of control of insects outdoors.
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Broad Spectrum RTS

For use on lawns, ornamentals, listed garden vegetables, & fruit trees. Provides up to 6 weeks of control of insects outdoors. Kills insects and pests that damage roses, flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and lawns.
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Broad Spectrum RTU

Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 0.05%   Mode of Action: Contact Insecticide. Provides extended residual control for up to 4 months on indoor pests.   Use Sites: For spot treatment Indoors & Outdoors.
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Bug Blaster

This insecticide will give you pest control for Hobo Spiders, Ants, Reclusive Spiders, Earwigs and other listed pest  for up to 90 days.  Safe to use either inside or outside of your home you can't go wrong with this product.
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Bug Blaster II Granules

Provides broad spectrum control of insect pests in Lawns, Landscapes, Perimeter around Homes and Buildings. 11.5 lb. bag treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. 23 lb. bag treats up to 10,000 sq. ft.
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Bug Blaster RTS

Treats Up To 5,300 Sq. Ft. Odor Free, Non Staining & Water Based Provides Up To 4 Months Control of Cockroaches & 3 Months Control of Other Pests Listed on Label. Application Rates:  For Subterranean Termites: 6.5 tbsp. to 1 gal.
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