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"The Staples"

When you think 'vegetable', chances are you think of almost everything here!  This collection gives you the bare-bones basics.
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Aunt Netty's Faves

If you've been inside Anderson's, chances are you've met Netty.
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Certified Organic Garden

For all Certified Organic gardening, start with the best quality seeds!  Blue Lake Pole BeanOregon Sugar Pod PeaGolden Bantam CornGarden Lettuce MixBloomsdale SpinachNantes Coreless CarrotDark Green Zucchini
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Coleslaw Vegetables

An Anderson's take on a popular dish.  The best part is, you can grow it yourself!Green Bell Peppers, White Bunching Onion, Sweetness Carrot, Curled Parsley, Golden Acre Cabbage, Red Rock Cabbage.
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Fall Crops

Near the end of July, we can plant again in Cache Valley.Pacman BroccoliStardust CauliflowerCorrenta SpinachGreen Arrow Pea/Lincoln PeaGourmet Lettuce BlendDetroit Red Beets
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Health Kick

The green smoothie is the pinnacle of a modern health diet, and what better way to enjoy one that to grow all you need for it?  Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, this great green drink will help you get that health kick you need.
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Heirloom Seed Sampler

Thank you for shopping with us!  With every $10 purchase, feel free to add this to your order at no additional charge.
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Herb Garden

Some popular and widely useful herbs:  Cilantro, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Mint, and Dill.
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For all those that traverse the culinary realms that include microgreens, we haven't forgotten you.  This particular collection includes enough for two plantings of over 20 square feet.
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Rainbow Garden

What's more fun than the colorful, attractive garden space?Spice up your garden with the unique and beautiful rainbow colors of:Rainbow CarrotsBright Lights Swiss ChardEaster Egg ...
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Featured Products

Nanodome Indoor Seed Starting Kit
Sun Blaster's Nanodome makes growing indoors a breeze!  With a full-spectrum growing light included, this kid comes with everything you need to do sprouts, starts, or just winter indoor gardening whenever you want!

Fertilome Seed & Cutting
Best for sowing seeds, and planting cuttings.