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"The Staples"

When you think 'vegetable', chances are you think of almost everything here!  This collection gives you the bare-bones basics.
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Aunt Netty's Faves

If you've been inside Anderson's, chances are you've met Netty.
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Coleslaw Vegetables

An Anderson's take on a popular dish.  The best part is, you can grow it yourself!Green Bell Peppers, White Bunching Onion, Sweetness Carrot, Curled Parsley, Golden Acre Cabbage, Red Rock Cabbage.
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Fall Crops

Near the end of July, we can plant again in Cache Valley.Pacman BroccoliStardust CauliflowerCorrenta SpinachGreen Arrow Pea/Lincoln PeaGourmet Lettuce BlendDetroit Red Beets
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Herb Garden

Some popular and widely useful herbs:  Cilantro, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Mint, and Dill.
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For all those that traverse the culinary realms that include microgreens, we haven't forgotten you.  This particular collection includes enough for two plantings of over 20 square feet.
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Salad Garden

Fresh vegetables are easy to eat when you can just throw a salad on the side of almost any meal, and it's even easier when you're growing the salad in you back yard!Roquette ...
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Salsa Garden

Few things in this life beat the amazingness that is garden-fresh salsa.  It's even better when you can grow every single ingredient you need* to make fantastic, flavorful, fun, fiesta salsa.
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Starter Garden

The basics!Green Arrow Pea/Lincoln PeaSweetness CarrotCorrenta SpinachDwarf Blue KaleCherry Belle RadishDetroit Red BeetGourmet Lettuce Blend
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Stir-Fry Mix

All the veggies you will ever need to make a delicious, healthy, and fresh stir-fry.
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Featured Products

Bone Meal
Provides a slow release form of natural phosphorus to help plant produce sturdy root systems, hastens maturity and stimulates plant growth. For use on bulbs, roses, flowers and shrubs.

Anderson's Gift Card
Give the gift of gardening.