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Abies concolor- Concolor Fir

Zone: 3 Height: 50' Spread: 30'  Also commonly called White Fir. Has soft, silvery bluish needles and ash grey bark. Does well in full sun with well-drained soils. Prices subject to change In store pricing only
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Acer campestre- Hedge Maple

Zone: 5Height: 30'Spread: 30'Shape: Dense and roundedFoliage: Dark green, glossyFall Color: YellowA low maintence, hardy tree which adapts well to urban conditions. Medium slow growth rate (2'-3' a year) and long lived.
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Acer ginnala 'Flame'- Flame Maple

Zone: 2Height: 20'Spread: 20'Shape: Low branched, multi-stemmedFoliage: Med. Green, fine textureFall Color: Brilliant red- orange to redOne of the hardiest trees available. Specimens are very interesting in form because of their spreading branch pattern.
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Acer glabrum- Rocky Mountain Maple

Zone: 5Height: 25'Spread: 15'Shape: OvalFoliage: Med. Green, fine textureFall Color: Yellow- orange to redDeeply lobed, serrated leaves are borne on purplish red stems, accented in late summer by red-tinted samaras.
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Acer grandidentatum- Big Tooth Maple

Zone: 4Height: 20'Spread: 20'Shape: RoundedFoliage: Med. Green, fine textureFall Color: Red- orange to redNative to the Rocky Mountains, this smaller cousin of the eastern sugar maple tolerates the quick changing weather of the western mountains.
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Acer grandidentatum 'Schmidt'- Rocky Mountain Glow

Zone: 4Height: 25'Spread: 15'Shape: OvalFoliage: Dark Green, Fall Color: Red- orange to redIt is similar to Sugar Maple, but both leaves and tree are smaller. Intense fall color.Prices are subject to change without notice.In- store pricing ONLY.
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Acer griseum- Paperbark Maple

Zone: 5Height: 25'Spread: 20'Shape: Upright spreading, roundedFoliage: Trifoliate, Dark GreenFall Color: RedA small tree of rare beauty, this trifoliate maple’s compound leaves ...
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Acer negundo 'Flamingo'- Flamingo Box Elder

  Zone: 5Height: 20'Spread: 15'Shape: Oval to roundedFoliage: Variegated white and green with a pink tintFall Color: Reddish tintOutstanding for its multi-colored foliage, seedless.
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Acer negundo 'Sensation'- Sensation Box Elder

Zone: 4bHeight: 30'Spread: 25'Shape: RoundedFoliage: Med.
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Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'- Bloodgood Japanese Mapl

Zone: 5Height: 18'Spread: 18'Shape: Upright, top spreading with ageFoliage: Purple Red Fall Color: RedWidely used, well known, and reliable, Bloodgood is the standard for comparison among the purple leafed, tree form Japanese Maples.
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