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German Red

German Red Cloves (7-10 per head) with consistent, symmetrical shape and large bulbs. An excellent keeper. Grows best in cold Winter areas. Hardneck. A strong flavored variety. Very vigorous, large, easily peeled, red-skinned. The Spice of Life.
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Metachi Garlic

Another very uniform, hot, solid cloved rocambole much like Bogatyr. Bulbs are squat in appearance, purple streaked wrappers, averaging 5 cloves. Plants are short statured with narrow, almost horizontal leaves at maturity. Deliciously sharp at first.
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Romanian Garlic

Romanian Red Garlic (Allium sativum) Outstanding Porcelain strain similar to German Red but slightly later maturing. Tall, dark green plants. Large bulbs, 4-6 cloves per bulb. Cloves streaked & lined on buff brown background. Stores well.
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Rosewood Garlic

A rugged porcelain type hardneck. Similar to German X-tra Hardy and Musik, averaging 4, full flavored dark pink to brownish red cloves in a very white wrapper. Makes a very dense fleshed clove of strong delicious flavor. Stores 5 to 6 months.
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Siberian Garlic

Mid-season. This garlic really lives up to its name when it comes to thriving in cold weather. A top-notch producer in cold climates, Siberian deserves consideration for all northern gardeners.
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Spanish Roja Garlic

Superb classic rich flavor. Each bulb has about 8-12 cloves. Outer wrapper varies in color, from cream to deep purple stripes. Cloves are large with a brownish red color and are easy to peel. Keeps well, 4-6 months.
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Ukraine Garlic

Hardneck, great flavor.
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Yugoslavian Garlic

Hearty garlic aroma, initially hot and well seasoned, mellowing to a warm enjoyable aftertaste. Produces large bulbs with easy-to-peel cloves. Bulbs have a clove count ranging from 6 to 11 cloves per bulb.
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