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Tomato, Beefmaster

Beefmaster tomatoes are the largest tomato varieties cultivated for the garden some weighing up to 1lb.  This tomato produces big, thick, juicy, flavorful slices perfect for any sandwich.
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Tomato, Best Boy

Early maturing Best Boy produces large, firm fruits on a compact plant. These tomatoes all tend to come on at once (within 2 – 3 weeks of each other) so planting in succession option worth taking advantage of.
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Tomato, Better Boy

This tomato has been a household name among home gardeners for years, and for good reason. Better Boy hybrid tomato consistently produces good yields of smooth, large, flavorful tomatoes.
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Tomato, Big Beef

Big Boy tomato is the perfect tomato if you’re looking for good-sized fruits that are high quality heavy yielding.  It is an indeterminate vine which means it will continually produce until the plant freezes. 73 Days 70 – 80 days to maturity.
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Tomato, Big Boy

The Big Boy has a very good sweet flavor and a fragrant aroma. The fruit is a deep red with a firm, juicy interior with thick walls. The plant is an indeterminate (tall growing, continuous bearing) variety but its growth habit is bushy.
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Tomato, Brandywine

90-100 days. Brandywine is an Amish heirloom that dates back to 1885 and is generally considered to be the world's best-flavored tomato. Plants look likepotato vines with good yields of extra-large, firm, clear-skinned, light rosy-pink fruits.
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Tomato, Burpee's Early Pick

62 days. Fine flavor, gorgeous color with solid flesh. Bears fruits early with a good yield all summer.
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Tomato, Celebrity

This All-American award winner produces exceptionally firm and flavorful fruits on a strong, determinate vine that can be grown in cages or on the ground as a "bush" if desired.
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Tomato, Cherokee Purple

This is a popular heirloom tomato known for its unusual looks and remarkable flavor. The fruits are large (twelve to sixteen ounces), dark pink with darker purple shoulders.
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Tomato, Delicious

Delicious produces extra-large meaty fruits of 1 lb. or more. This tomato still holds the World Record at 7 plus pounds.  Excellent for slicing, salads, tomato juice, and canning.
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