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Squash, Magic Mix

This mix includes a rich orange-red, a deep green, and a slate blue miniature Hubbard. Each has smooth, creamy flesh that tastes wonderful baked or roasted. They have everything you like about a hubbard wrapped up in a small package.
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Squash, Papaya Pear

This 2003 AAS Winner produces high quality harvests that start early and seem to go on forever. Plants grow to about 3 feet tall and 4 feet across with high yields. Bright yellow, pear-shaped fruits weigh about 6 oz.
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Squash, Spacemiser Zucchini

Spacemiser hybrid zucchini is unique in that it has smaller, space-saving plants that are open for easy harvest, yet it yields and yields through the entire season. The delicious fruits color up and develop good shape when very young.
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Squash, Spaghetti

Spaghetti-like strands of flesh are delicious in many dishes.  Plants are exceptionally vigorous producing 5 or 6 fruits per plant and maturing earlier than other winter squash.
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Squash, Super Delite Kabocha

Super Delite is a dark green skinned kabocha squash with a bright deep yellow interior color. The texture is very starchy and nutty. Matures into a squat, 3-4 lb very sweet squash.Vigorous growth, 100 days maturity.
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Squash, Sweet Meat

Recommended by Utah State University. Vigorous, heavy yielding vines bear large flattened globes with hard, grey-green rinds. Deep yellow flesh is dry and completely fiberless. Delicious sweet flavor that improves in storage makes this a local favorite.
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Squash, White Scallop

Bush variety. Pale green-white in color. Standard "patty pan" type. The flying saucer shape is a bit of a novelty and a little difficult to figure out how to slice, but they cook and eat like any other summer squash.
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Squash, Yellow Crookneck

 The Crookneck Squash is a widely known favorite for home and market. It has a curved neck and has warty skin. It must be picked while still immature or the rind will become hard and tough.
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Squash, Yellow Scallop

Pick them baby size for best flavor. So many uses for this garden-fresh vegetable. Steam, stir-fry, or sauté. Scoop out the center, steam then stuff with, chicken or egg salad. Pick with blossoms still attached to fry in tempura batter.
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Squash, Yellow Straightneck

AAS Winner. Uniform, lemon-yellow, slightly rough, club-shaped fruits are generously produced on semi-open bush vines that won’t run everywhere. Harvest when 4 to 7 inches long for best flavor and texture.
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