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Squash, Cream of the Crop

1990 All-America Selections Winner! The squash has creamy white skin and golden-cream flesh. Suitable for home gardens and market growers. Bush type plant is suitable for small gardens. A winter squash variety that stores well.
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Squash, Dark Green Zucchini

Dark Green, glossy fruits are long, straight, and slender. Firm, very tender, good flavor.  Plant produces high yields of dark green zucchini. Excellent sliced, fried, steamed, or baked.
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Squash, Delicata (Bush)

Cornell University's exciting new, disease tolerant, award-winning "sweet potato" squash, is simply superb.  Delicata oblong fruits are a creamy white lined with dark green stripes.
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Squash, Eightball

Eight Ball is a novelty hybrid with small, round, dark green fruit. Tastes great and the bush-type plant is easy to pick. The plants grow to around 3 feet wide and yield early at 5-6 weeks.  This is a very fun and unique variety to grow.
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Squash, Fancycrook

This buttery-smooth full crookneck has vigorous, open plants for easy harvest. It beats out other hybrid crooknecks production by more than 40 percent.
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Squash, Festival

This colorful squash is an aromatic with a slighty stringy texture.  With just a hint of sweetness it has a mild, yet flavorful orange flesh.
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Squash, Gold Rush

This uniquely colored, attractive hybrid squash features straight, uniform zucchini-type fruit with light ridges and very smooth, waxy skin. Gold rush fruits are golden-yellow with a rich green stem, and boast tender, creamy-white flesh.
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Squash, Golden Hubbard

This early to mature variety has a rounded shape that is slightly tapered at both ends. The orange flesh is dry and sweet. Tastes especially good when baked or boiled then mashed like potatoes with salt and herbs or brown sugar.
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Squash, Greyzini

Greyzini has excellent taste like Italian zucchini with Fruits that are blocky, light green with grey mottling and faint stripes.  The large plants are highly productive and consistent throughout the season.
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Squash, Hubbard

This elongated squash has a tough green rind and thick orange flesh that is exceptionally sweet.  It is one of the best storing squashes available.  In ideal conditions it can be stored up to 6 months.
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