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Squash, Acorn

As its name suggests, this winter squash is shaped like an acorn. Fruits weigh from 1 to 3 pounds, and have sweet, slightly fibrous flesh.
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Squash, Aristocrat

All-American Selection Winner and an Anderson’s favorite. This zucchini squash produces high throughout the season of handsome, slender, dark green, waxy, 7 to 8 inch fruits with crisp, white flesh.
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Squash, Baby Blue Hubbard

An early maturing, small strain of Blue Hubbard. It is a more convenient size for the average family. The quality is fully comparable to any of the Hubbards in all respects.
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Squash, Banana

Recommended by Utah State University. Fruits can get 4 feet long and one foot across and weigh up to 70 pounds. Smooth pink-orange skin with sweet yellow/orange, fine-grained flesh. One squash can easily feed family and keep on going.
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Squash, Blue Hubbard

Blue Hubbard is a reliable old variety that produces large, blue-grey skinned fruits which can weigh up to 13 to 15 pounds. Great roasted and has an excellent nutty flavor. The fruits have firm flesh with a fine grain and yellow-orange color. Stores well.
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Squash, Burpee Butterbush (Butternut)

Butternut Bush fruits are the same as any Butternut with the exception of being borne on smaller, space-saving plants.  This hybrid Butternut squash is earlier by at least ten days than other butternuts.
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Squash, Bush Acorn

This hybrid has solid, tasty flesh with almost no fibers making its texture fine and smooth. The compact, semi-bush plant allows more plants to the acre. Great for small gardens.  Matures 5 to 10 days earlier than open-pollinated acorn varieties.
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Squash, Bush Buttercup

Semibush buttercup with a compact vine, but sets fruit prolifically.   Fruit weighs 2-3 lbs. with dark green skinand high quality orange flesh, will outperform Burgess in yield and quality.
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Squash, Buttercup

A favorite for any garden. This winter squash has a superb creamy texture and flavor with golden flesh.  These squash store throughout the winter.  Enjoy them baked and served hot with butter and brown sugar.  95 – 105 days to harvest.
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Squash, Butternut

Butternut is one of the most popular winter squash varieties on the market.  8 – 10 inch fruits are very uniform with cylindrical tops and small seed cavities.  The rind is a creamy tan while the sweet, nutty flesh is a beaustiful golden-orange.
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