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Radish, Champion

Champion is an excellent variety that quickly grows to edible size and will remain firm long after reaching market size. It has a scarlet, deep oval, very smooth root with a medium large top. The flesh is firm and mild. Champion matures in about 28 days.
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Radish, Cherry Belle

Our most popular radish, Cherry Belle is used mainly during warm weather as a home garden vegetable.  The attractive Cherry Belle features fast growth that generates uniform, round roots with a mild flavor. Tops are short.
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Radish, Easter Egg

Oval to round shaped radishes, 1½" across, in shades of purple, lavender, pink, rose, scarlet, white. Radishesare fast and easy to grow. They're great for introducing kids to gardening.Easter Egg Blend is ready to harvest in 28 days.
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Radish, French Breakfast

Blunt oblong, 3 inch roots are red, shading to white at the tip. Flesh is crisp, white and mildly pungent; one of the mildest radishes there is. Great home garden variety. Doesn't store well. 24 days.
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Radish, Giant White Globe

Roots are pure white inside and out. Firm flesh stays crisp for a long time after harvest. Strong dark-green medium-sized tops are larger than most globe types.  Begin harvesting radishes when nearly an inch across.
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Radish, Purple Plum

Purple Plum is an ideal choice if you are looking for a high quality radish to dress up your salads and vegetable platters.
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Radish, Sparkler

This variety is popular for home garden and market. The root is globe to flat globe in shape and has a scarlet top fading to a white tip. The flesh is white and crisp while the tops are medium in size, running 5 to 6inches high. 25 days to harvest.
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Radish, Watermelon

New and unique, it's the talk of the table when served. This a large, white-rooted radish with green shoulders.  But wait ‘till you slice it in half.  Inside the flesh is red to pink, crisp, and very sweet. Thus the name "Watermelon Radish".
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Radish, White Icicle

An industry standard, White Icicle Improved is selected for uniformity and reduced greening of the shoulders. Its crisp roots are 5 to 6 inches long with an elegant taper.  This is a wonderful flavored radish with a bit of bite.
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