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Pumpkin, Atlantic Giant

For World Record Pumpkin contests.  The present day record for this amazing variety is now over 1,800 lbs. and produces 400-500 lb. fruit consistently with proper growing procedures. Colors range from yellow to orange.  120 days.
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Pumpkin, Baby Boo

A unique miniature pumpkin, just 3" across, with white flesh and a ghostly white skin. These pumpkins make for adorable fall decorations.  Paint them, carve them, or leave them how they are.  95 days to harvest.
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Pumpkin, Big Max

A relatively uniform variety with very large, heavy fruit up to 50 lbs. Nearly round, with broad ribs and shallow sutures. Suited primarily for exhibition and decoration since flesh is pale and orange, coarse and somewhat stringy.
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Pumpkin, Cinderella

A delightful heirloom pumpkin that was the model for Cinderella's fairy-tale coach. This fruit turns a vibrant reddish-orange in late summer when they mature with a flattened shape, deep ridges, and 12 to 24 inches across.
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Pumpkin, Early Sugar PIe

There is no better cooking pumpkin than Sugar Pie. Small, round to somewhat flattened 7 to 10 inch pumpkins with sweet, fine-grained, yellow flesh perfectly favored for pies, canning, casseroles, soups, and all manner of cooking.
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Pumpkin, Howden

A private stock developed by John Howden of Massachusetts. Howden's deep-round shape is far more uniform than Connecticut Field's and with its firm structure it has fewer tendencies to produce flat sided fruit.
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Pumpkin, Jack Be Little

A true miniature pumpkin, not a gourd. This amazing variety produces pumpkins small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Perfect for painting, decorations, tiny jack-o-lanterns, and baking.  Weighs 3 to 4 oz. Many fruit set on each vine.
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Pumpkin, Jack O'Lantern

A distinctive variety suited for roadside and local markets. Fruits are relatively uniform with a blocky globe to deep oblong shape, averaging about 10 lbs. The variety is preferred primarily for decoration at Halloween.
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Pumpkin, Lil' Pump-ke-mon

Early maturity, width 2.4", height 2.4"; 1-2 lbs. Has a great white color with distinct orange stripes.  These little pumpkins are sure to mix up traditional ornamental decorating.
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Pumpkin, Lumina

A medium size maxima-type pumpkin. Shape and size vary from globe to flat globe.  Fruits are generally 8 to 10 inches in circumference and 10 to 15 pounds. Flesh is bright orange while the outer skin is a pale white.
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