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Pepper, Anaheim

Multi-purpose "California Green Chili". The tall, productive plant is medium-large spreading bush which provides good foliage cover. The medium pungency fruit is bright green, turning red at full maturity. Very smooth pods.
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Pepper, California Wonder

Developed by Asgrow particularly for California conditions. Plants are relatively tall with heavy leaf development and productive over an extended picking period.
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Pepper, Cayenne

A hot pepper for sauce and drying. This processor variety has wrinkled, two-celled fruit with medium-thin walls. The fruit turn from dark green to dark red and mature in 73 to 76 days.
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Pepper, Early Sunsation

70 days to green; 14 more days for a golden-yellow. Large, smooth 4-1/2 x 4" fruit are produced on 24" plants bred for resistance to all 3 races of bacterial spot. Excellent for greenhouse, field production and home gardens.
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Pepper, Emerald Giant

Big blocky fruits with sweet, juicytaste. Bred by experts at the USDA, and introduced in 1963, this varietyproduces heavy yields of large, blocky 4-5" x 3½-4" fruits. The thick-walled,dark-green to red peppers have a sweet, juicy taste and crisp texture.
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Pepper, Fooled You

This fun pepper is the first jalapeno pepper with no heat. Perfect for mild sauces, salsas and stir fries. This pepper is not pungent or hot, but has a large amount of flavor.
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Pepper, Ghost Chili

The pepper that was, until 2012, the hottest in the world!  Rated at over 1 million Scoville Heat Units (Tabasco sauce is a little over 2,500), this pepper is not for the faint of heart!  The pepper will be ready in 70 days..... will you be?
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Pepper, Giant Marconi

72 Days to harvest. Large, tapered, elongated fruits grow up to 8" long and 3" across at the upper end. Sweet, yet smoky flavor is equally delectable when fruits are eaten green or red, fresh or grilled.
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Pepper, Golden California Wonder

Thick-fleshed fruit matures to a deep orange color with exceedingly sweet flavor. Provides excellent contrast when used next to red and purple varieties. Sturdy, upright 22-30” plants are everbearing and pendant.
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Pepper, Greek Pepperoncini

This 18-24 in. plant produces mild (1 to 1,000 Scoville Units) small to medium oblong fruit. Starts green changing to gold. Great for salsa, salads, frying, and pickling. 55-68 days to harvest.
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