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Pea, Cascadia Snap

Cascadia Snap pea has an erect, compact bush habit that stands about 30 inches tall. The pods are unusually thick walled, parchment free, three inches in length, and normally borne two per node. Pods can be picked when flat or filled.
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Pea, Dwarf Grey Sugar

Chinese pea pod. Space-saver has 18 to 24 inch vines with beautiful, purple flowers. Harvest the 2 1/2 inch pods in the flat stage for a crunchy and tender edible pod perfect for stir fry, steaming, or fresh.
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Pea, Early Frosty

Recommended by Utah State University. Dark green, 3 1/2 inch pods in pairs. Vigorous, wilt resistant, 28 inch vines produce reliable crops that freeze nicely.
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Pea, Green Arrow

Long, slim, 4 1/2 inch pods grow in pairs on strong 28 inch vines.  9 – 11 tender, sweet peas fill each pod.  This highly productive plant is resistant to many diseases including Fusarium Wilt and Downy Mildew.
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Pea, Laxton Progress

Laxton Progress produces large 4.5 inch pods in abundance filled with 6 – 9 large, plump, tender peas with delicious flavor. Small 15 to 20 inch plants produce heavy yields of dark green peas with excellent flavor and quality. 62 days to harvest.
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Pea, Lincoln

Recommended by Utah State University. Pods are 3 1/2 inches long with 8 to 10 small peas. Resistant to common wilt and heat tolerant. Excellent flavor. Well suited to Utah's climate. Produces peas well into the hotter June and July weather.
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Pea, Little Marvel

A favorite of Anderson’s Seed and Garden, Little Marvel is a dependable, vigorous pea that matures early develops its seeds quickly.  Pods are 3 inches with 5 or 6 large, plump peas in each. Compact plant does not require staking.
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Pea, Maestro

Very quick 61-day Burpee variety that produces long, loaded pods and high pea count.  Considered by many one of the most delicious!
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Pea, Oregon Sugar Pod

An edible pod snow pea, Oregon Sugar Pod has larger, broader pods than the traditional snow pea varieties used in oriental cooking.
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Pea, Sugar Daddy Snap

The only stringless sugar snap pea available to commercial growers. Sugar Daddy bears one to two stringless pods per node and offers resistance to powdery mildew and pea leaf roll virus. Plants produce high yields in small places.
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