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Onion, Big Daddy

Big Daddy hybrid matures in approximately 120 days. It can be grown in shorter season areas, too, but should be started early in a protected cold frame, in that case. These jumbo onions have bronze skins, and are suited to very long storage.
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Onion, Big Mac Hybrid

A full Spanish hybrid that matures in the mid-season. It was developed for early green topped onions in northern climates. High yields of jumbo onions are produced in August from early spring sowing.
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Onion, Candy

This mid-day hybrid is a favorite throughout the U.S. and is best suited as a fresh market variety. Golden straw color and yields of primarily jumbo 6”globes. Short, sturdy tops and small, tight necks allow for quick curing.
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Onion, Dulce Grande

One of Anderson’s favorites, this is a superior jumbo hybrid that produces high yields of uniform, bragging sized, bright white bulbs.
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Onion, Long White Bunching

Slightly pungent, long white shanks with stiff blue-green tops. Resistant to hot weather and also fairly cold tolerant, but not recommended for over-wintering. This variety has a mild and sweet flavor that is good fresh or cooked.
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Onion, Red Burgermaster

Red Burgermaster hybrid onion is a large-sized, bright red, globe shaped onion with very attractive, crisp red and white flesh. This main-season variety matures in 110 to 112 days and produces very large and even jumbo bulbs up to 3.5" in diameter.
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Onion, Super Star

The first Hybrid onion ever to win an All-America Award! This Intermediate Mid-day variety produces very attractive big globe shaped white bulbs. Flavour is sweet and mild. Not recommended for long-term storage. Maturity 100 days.
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Onion, Walla Walla

Long-day type. Recommended by Utah State University. Some say this is the world's best tasting onion. A delicious, mild, sweet onion, measuring about 4 inches across. In mid-winter areas plant in August for harvest early next summer. Does not keep well.
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Onion, White Pickling

An ideal onion for pickling, it produces small round pure white bulbs of excellent, mild flavor. Hardy annual. Harvest in July and dry out in trays. The bulbs do not store over well and are best if used immediately or pickled.
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Onion, White Spanish

Long-day type meaning it is best suited for early spring planting in northern areas. Large bulbs have a glistening white skin and mild sweet flesh. It has a sweet flavor and very little of the bite that some onions have.
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