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Lettuce, Royal Red

Royal Red is one of the prettiest red lettuces on the market right now.  Its leaves have a great texture that is both soft yet crunchy and an excellent, sweet taste.  It is a mid-sized lettuce that matures uniformly growing 6 – 12 inches.
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Lettuce, Simpson Elite

Simpson Elite grows very fast, and is ready for harvest about 48 days. But unlike "Black Seeded Simpson", Simpson Elite is much, much longer standing. Its bolt resistance gives gardeners the widest harvest window for any lettuce of this.
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Lettuce, Summertime

Summertime head lettuce is an excellent choice for cultivation in warm to hot climates. Here in Cache Valley it can be treated like loose leaf lettuce.
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Lettuce, Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb is the perfect size for individual salads.  Its petite 4"-5" loose heads can be grown in containers, window boxes, or even as an edible border.
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