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Lettuce, 5 Way Blend

This lettuce mix is great for salads. It contains the fine buttery flavor of Buttercrunch, attractive loose-leaf heads of Black Seeded Simpson, sweet crisp reliable heads of Great Lakes, slow bolting, juicy Romaine, and long standing Red Salad Bowl.
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Lettuce, Buttercrunch

Buttercrunch has thick, juicy leaves that fold into sweet, crisp, tender, loose heads. Wonderful, buttery flavor it is slow to bolt, and remains sweet even after going to seed.
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Lettuce, Esmerelda (Leaf)

Esmerelda is an improved buttercrunch lettuce with broader disease resistance including resistance to downy mildew, tip burning, mosaic virus, and bolting.
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Lettuce, Great Lakes

All-American Selections Winner. Recommended by Utah State University. Large dense head with good wrapper. Reliable, crisp head type it was the first true iceberg lettuce.  It is old tolerant and slow to bolt.
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Lettuce, Lollo Rossa Astina

This is a loose leaf Italian lettuce with beautiful color, frilly leaves, and excellent flavor that has the mildly bitter bight of many Italian luttuces.  It grows 6 – 8 inches wide and withstands heat well without bolting like other varieties.
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Lettuce, Outback (Romaine)

Outback is and early romaine and is a tall (up to 18”), vigorous plant that carries weight well into the base. It has medium to dark leaves and has good color into the heart. It is exceptionally heat tolerant and holds up much longer than most others.
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Lettuce, Paris Island Cos (Romaine)

Paris Island is a classic romaine that is a favorite withmany gardeners.  It is a compact, slow bolt lettuce that grows a tall dark green rosette with a white heart.  It has a crisp, sweet flavor perfect for anysalad bowl.
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Lettuce, Plato II (Romaine)

This popular Romaine has upright growth reaching 10 inches tall with large, thick, medium green, slightly rumpled leaves with creamy white centers. Tender, crisp, and sweet flavored. It is tolerant to many lettuce diseases and is slow bolting.
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Lettuce, Red Romaine

Red Romaine produces a beautiful 10 to 12 inch bronze-red head with a green heart and a sweet, crispy taste. Leaves are loosely folded on heads. Excellent for salads and garnishes. This is one of the slowest to bolt lettuces on the market.
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Lettuce, Royal Red

Royal Red is one of the prettiest red lettuces on the market right now.  Its leaves have a great texture that is both soft yet crunchy and an excellent, sweet taste.  It is a mid-sized lettuce that matures uniformly growing 6 – 12 inches.
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