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Cantaloupe, Ambrosia

When it comes to distinctive, luscious, sweet taste, nothing quite matches this unique melon. Fruits weigh 4 to 5 pounds and have a heavy net with light sutures. The peach colored flesh is very appealing. Highly recommended for roadside and local markets.
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Cantaloupe, Burpee Hybrid

The top selling cantaloupe for quality, flavor and yield! Round to slightly oval fruits (4 to 4 1/2 lbs.) have a strong netting pattern and ribs. Dark orange flesh is firm and juicy. Highly adaptable nationwide, but particularly in northern states.
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Cantaloupe, Burpee Hybrid Crenshaw

This hybrid is earlier and more productive than open-pollinated Crenshaw. Large, vigorous vines produce large, oval melons free of netting and sutures. Its sweet, pale-orange flesh has a distinctive aroma.
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Cantaloupe, Da Vinci

This Italian supermarket-type melon offers firm crisp flesh with very sweet, aromatic flavors. Oval fruit is lightly netted and has attractive green stripes, while the interior is deep, intense orange with a small, tight seed cavity.
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Cantaloupe, Delightful

This large sutured cantaloupe can be described as a classic Eastern muskmelon.  Very similar in shape, size, and quality of Classic and Burpee Hybrid. The thick dark salmon flesh has that melon aroma that signifies summer.
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Cantaloupe, Hales Best

This cantaloupe is used for roadside markets and bulk hauling. Thick, deep salmon color flesh, sweet flavor, strongly scented, very juicy, yet with a solid melon "bite" that fills you up nicely. Firm flesh holds up well.
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Cantaloupe, Hearts of Gold

Deep orange flesh is thick and very sweet.  These are beautiful melons with luscious deep-orange golden flesh that is sweet, juicy and fragrant. Rinds are thin, heavily netted and medium ribbed.
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Cantaloupe, Inspire

Our very earliest cantaloupe: matures in only 65 days from transplant.  Semi round fruit weigh one to two pounds. A flavorful and sweet space saver in thegarden that grows on a semi-bush vine. Has great flavor for an early producing melon.
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Cantaloupe, Magnifisweet

Each of these luscious, juicy, extra-sweet, oval-shaped melons weighs in at 5 to 6 pounds. Filled with tantalizing, tender, salmon-colored flesh. It's a vigorous, main-season melon, and it gives you an abundance of fruit!  Resistant to fusarium wilt.
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Cantaloupe, Roadside Hybrid

Roadside is one of our favorites at Andersons. Round 7 1/2 inch in diameter fruits are large and creamy tan at maturity, weighing 6 to 8 pounds. Flesh is salmon colored with coarse netting and deep sutures covering the rind.
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