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Herb, Mustard (Florida Broadleaf)

One of the first greens in spring,does well in cool climates, and is very easy to grow.  Grows well in the south, as it is consistentlya southern favorite.  A mild-flavoredmustard producing large, broad, rich green leaves of appetizing pungency.
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Herb, Mustard (Mizuna)

This plant is adorned by a pretty patterned leaves that are light to dark green in color. These leaves are also identified by a whitish mid vein. The leaves more or less resemble fern fronds complimenting a feathery look.
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Herb, Mustard (Purple)

One of the most visually striking greens to grow, purple mustard will make a statement whether on in a flower planter or on a salad plate.
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Herb, Oregano

This variety of Oregano has the sharp, pungent aroma and flavor that you love on pizzas and in Mexican dishes.  Most cooks are familiar with it in its dried form, but oregano is a hardy perennial plant that is easy to grow in the home garden.
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Herb, Parsley (Curled)

A storehouse for vitamins A, B, C, and E. This deeply curled variety makes a beautiful garnish both on the table and in the flower garden where it becomes a lovely edible border. Great filler for small floral bouquets. Sprouts in 15-20 days.
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Herb, Parsley Flat Italian

Clean, refreshing Parsley flavor. This variety is used for its flavor, while the curled type is more suitable garnish. It both enhances and dilutes strong flavors such as onions or garlic. Also high in nutrients and minerals.
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Herb, Purple Basil

Ornamental and culinary basil with a hint of licorice flavor that is a little more intense than regular basil. Large, glossy, dark purple leaves with ruffled and fringed edges.
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Herb, Rosemary

A beautiful and decorative ornamental as well as a delicious flavoring for meats, fish, poultry and vegetables. Perfect for the patio where it can be brought indoors for winter and grown as an indoor plant. Covered with pale blue flowers in late winter.
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Herb, Sage

A lovely perennial plant for the flower or vegetable garden. Pebbled grey-green leaves with spikes of purple flowers in late-spring. Use fresh or dried to flavor meats and poultry.
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Herb, Spicy Globe Basil

A wonderfully compact basil that can be used in the landscape as a summer border or as a container plant. Its spicy basil flavor is a compliment to any tomato dish. Grows uniform 6 inch high mounds that reach 12 inches across.
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