Protecting your plants from deer

Mark teaches the different ways to protect your hard-grown plants from deer.

How to decorate trees and wreaths with deco mesh

Mark talks about how to use and decorate with Deco Mesh on trees and wreaths

Christmas Open House 2013

Christmas Open House TV spot from 2013 - but a great look at what to expect every year!

Growing great tomatoes

The prize of a garden is the tomato; learn how to grow the greatest on your block!

Preventing and repairing stress damage in lawns

Mark teaches how to heal your lawn after a rough summer of abuse.

Crops for Fall planting

Mark discusses the different crops we can plant again when the weather cools down for a late harvest.

Planting new lawn

Mark talks about the best time of year to plant a new lawn from seed, as well as overseeding.


Anderson's Seed and Garden has the Valley's largest selection of Nativity displays.


Anderson's Seed and Garden has a huge assortment of Salt City Candles

Best Products For Weed Control

Weeds in your lawn?  Grass in your flowerbed?  Mark walks us through the best products to combat these garden foes.
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Featured Products

Triple Action Plus RTU
Use on fruits, nuts,vegetables, herbs, spices, roses, houseplants, flowers, trees and shrubs to control spider mites, scale, whiteflies, beetles, leaf rollers and other insects.

Bone Meal
Provides a slow release form of natural phosphorus to help plant produce sturdy root systems, hastens maturity and stimulates plant growth. For use on bulbs, roses, flowers and shrubs.